BC.Game Review

BC.Game was founded in 2018, so it is a fairly new casino and always believes that technology will create the exciting vision for the future that either enhance or replace activities and user experience. ATM, Hashdice, Blackjack, Roulette and many other games are here based on provable fairness of the blockchain technology. BC.GAME, based on the Ethereum smart contract, is guaranteed provable fairness and justice on the grounds that all data on the blockchain are transparent, meaning traceable transaction on etherscan and impossible manipulation.


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Cryptocurrencies BTCETHMore+
Free Coin Yes
Investment Yes
AutoBet Mode for Crash Yes
Custom Script for Crash Yes
Crash.Bet Statistic for Crash Yes

Besides the daily BC.Game free spin you get right at the start, there are also numerous bonuses delivered in the form of interesting tasks. There are only a handful of games at the moment but new ones are being added on a regular basis. If you’re on the lookout for a solid blockchain gambling experience, BC.Game might be your best bet.

User Experience

The first time you visit the homepage, you get to spin the wheel and earn some free rewards. It is a warm welcome that introduces the casino in the best way possible. The site layout is simple and user-friendly with a selection of games in the middle and a public chat on the right. If you scroll down, you will find a very fast list of all the recent BC.Game bets. Everything is completely transparent and open for testing.

The site is so well-optimized on all devices that you won’t even notice the loading times. The games start instantly and work without lagging. We’ve mentioned the public chat on the homepage that you can turn off at any time. However, having it on is a lot more immersive. You get to talk to people who share your greatest passion – online gambling.

Desktop and Mobile

BC.Game operates perfectly on both mobile and desktop. Their layout is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. BC.Game casino doesn’t require you to download a third party app or any additional software. Rather, the casino can be accessed directly from your mobile device’s browser.

Currencies and Payment Methods

As we mentioned earlier in this BC.Game review, this is a pure crypto casino. They currently support over 30 cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Dogecoin, Tron, Monero and Bitcoin Cash.BC.Game pride themselves on their instant deposits and withdrawals (10 minutes). Players can deposit and withdraw through the My Wallet option, or the balance bar in the top menu. As cryptocurrency values vary, be sure to check the maximum withdrawal on each one.As is common with cryptocurrency casinos, BC.Game casino offers provably fair gaming. This means that the outcomes of all of the games are totally fair – you’ll never feel taken for a ride.In their help section they explain cryptocurrencies in depth, and offer several wallet options if you’re unsure where to begin.

There are a couple of cryptocurrencies you might not recognize right away like TP and JB. Basically, TP is the latest craze, toilet paper cryptocurrency that you collect as a part of the casino’s lottery event dubbed – TP Wars. JB, on the other hand, is an in-house currency that you can only use to test the games. You can’t withdraw it, deposit it, or use it elsewhere. It’s like you get a demo version of the titles.


As a crypto-based casino, BC.Game accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as deposits. The acceptable digital currencies for deposits include; AXE, BCG, BCH, BTC, DAI, DOGE, EOS, ETH, LTC, NBX, SATS, SEO, SOG, TRTL, TRX, USDT, VSYS, XLM, XMR, and XRP.Players can deposit crypto by simply scrolling to ‘My Wallet’, then clicking on the ‘Deposit’ option. The QR code can then be scanned or the address of the wallet can be copied.


You can also withdraw the balance in your crypto casino gaming account in a number of cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal options include; AXE, BCG, BCH, BTC, DAI, DOGE, EOS, ETH, LTC, NBX, SATS, SEO, SOG, TRTL, TRX, USDT, VSYS, XLM, XMR, and XRP. The withdrawal process is similar to depositing funds, all you need to do is to state the amount to be withdrawn and make use of your gaming account address.The withdrawal limit is completely dependent on the cryptocurrency that you intend using in withdrawing your gaming balance.

What is Vault Pro Investment?

Some crypto casinos offer their players a storage vault for their coins. The function is simple. Players move coins from their main wallet in to their vaults and they can’t place any bets with those vaulted coins. This gives players the chance to cool down and think twice before rage betting everything they just won. Although, it’s a minor deterrent, it does work for many players as a way to protect their balances from themselves. An email verification or 2FA code is currently the standard requirement for vault withdraws.

How Is BC.Game’s Vault Pro Different?

The crypto community has been enjoying the overly generous bonuses and promotions offered by BC.Game for a few years. Vault Pro is yet another way that BC.Game gives back to their players and community. Unlike other crypto casino vaults, when a player deposits any coins into their Vault Pro at BC.Game, after 24 hours their balance will begin to accrue an average of 5% annual interest. The only limitation is that the coin balance must have a value of 0.001 BTC or more. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet way to earn free cryptocurrency.

When a player deposits to Vault Pro they can rest assured that their money is safe because it remains in their ownership 100% of the time. It is completely safe. Vault Pro withdraws and deposits require a mandatory 2FA. The funds are accessible by the player 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Where Does The Interest Come From? Is BC.Game Using My Coins?

This is the most commonly asked question. The answer here is very simple. No. BC.Game is not using your coins in any way shape or form. The interest accrued comes directly from BC.game’s profits. Vault Pro is just one of the many features BC.Game uses as new and unique ways to give back to their loyal players.

BC.Game Level System

BC.Game has a large VIP program with 102 different levels! These levels are divided into 5 categories, beginning with bronze and ending with diamond. To level up, you must wager a set amount expressed in US Dollars. Along the VIP ladder there are 14 treasure chests, won at predefined levels, containing crypto rewards. The higher the level, the higher the reward. BC.Game also has a unique option to transfer your VIP status if you already earned it at another casino.

The highest VIP levels (called SVIP levels) can get you

exclusive chat options,
daily drops and giveaways,
personal VIP manager,
all expenses paid trip to Singapore or Macau,
celebrety treatments in the most elegant hotel suites in the world,
annual red carpet VIP party

Here are their levels:

Bronze: levels 1-7 (1 – 4000 $ wagered)
Silver: levels 8-21 (5000 – 45 000 $ wagered)
Gold: levels 22-37 (49 000 – 297 000 $ wagered)
Platinum: levels 38-69 (321 000 – 8 577 000 $ wagered)
Diamond: ‘SVIP’ levels 1-33 (9 217 000 – 212 993 000 $ wagered)

BC.Game Security & Safety

First of all, the fact that you’re using a cryptocurrency to gamble means you already have some inherent security. Instead of providing dozens of personal details that someone might intercept, steal, and misuse, everything stays anonymous and private. Deposits and withdrawals work through wallet addresses – basically a long string of characters that is nearly impossible to hack. So, how does this casino use this fact?

During BC.Game signup, all you need to provide is an email address and your desired password. BC.Game utilises a 2-step verification security protocol. It is a site that uses hash algorithm that ensures all transactions can easily be traced while also being absolutely impossible for anyone to alter or manipulate in any way. The casino will automatically create a generic account that you don’t even have to verify if you don’t want to. Naturally, it might be a good idea to do it simply because you’ll get a bonus. Why say no to free cryptocurrency?

Is BC.Game Legit?

Traditional online casinos have to be licensed by government owned regulatory and supervisory bodies, such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC). However, crypto-based casinos do not need to be licensed in the same way before they are allowed to operate in the casino market. Since BC.Game operates using blockchain technology, every players on the platform can ascertain the authenticity of the crypto casino. Nevertheless, the Crypto Gambling Foundation verifies the legitimacy of BC.Game.

Restricted Countries

We are confirming in this BC.Games casino review that players from the following countries may not play on the online casino: China, Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, Curacao, France, and United States. Any restriction of a player would have to be the collective decision of other active players in the BC.Game community. Just make sure that you are not prohibited to gamble online in your country. You can browse the BC.Game site in a number of languages that include; Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, and English.

Is BC.Game Fair?

Since the turn of the 21st century, the world of gambling has seen a steady shift of emphasis from land-based casinos to online casino platforms. But now even online casinos are facing serious rivalry from the revolutionary Crypto Casinos. One of such Crypto Casinos making waves in the industry is known as BC.Game. Founded in 2019, this Crypto Casino is driven by the decentralised structure of blockchain technology and based on Ethereum Smart Contract.

On BC.Game, online casino players are “guaranteed provable fairness” because according to them, all transactions on this crypto gaming platform are easily traceable, but cannot be manipulated. BC.Game offers a intuitive, user-friendly, interactive, and highly engaging interface. The community approach of this crypto casino brings players from all over the globe under one platform. Players can freely interact in chat rooms that they create and BC.Game is known to randomly reward players based on their activities in the chat rooms created, as a way of encouraging continued interaction and communication between players.

BC.Game Support

The fastest and easiest way to solve a problem on the site is to contact customer support through BC.Game live chat. Agents usually respond within a few minutes and they’re surprisingly knowledgeable. This is not so common with online casinos – the customer support is usually the weakest link. Because of that, it’s refreshing to see a support system that actually works.

How do you get in touch with them? Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the support button. It does appear a bit hidden from plain sight but that’s really a minor problem. Support is available 24/7 and it is pretty efficient. You’ll receive an automated response of “Hello”, but the option is only available for registered players. Alternatively, there is a chat room available directly on the platform where you can talk with your fellow players.

For support, BC.Game offers a FAQ section on the site and a 24/7 live chat option is available for anyone that wants an immediate response to enquiries. BC.Game is also available on different communities and social media platforms, namely; Telegram Channel, Forum, Github, Twitter, Discord, and Bitcointalk.org.

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