What is CrashBTC

CrashBTC.com offers real-time play for Bitcoin gambling fans. The site was established in 2019 and offers a great version of the exhilarating game that has taking Bitcoin gambling by storm. As an added advantage the site provides players with a strategy guide to maximizing Bitcoin winning opportunities. CrashBTC.com has multiple support options and is 100% provably fair. Unfortunately, residents of the United Kingdom, the United States, the United States Territories, the Netherlands, Curaçao as well as any country in which online gambling is not legal are not permitted make use of CrashBTC.com.

How the main game works at CrashBTC.com is players place a bet then watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards. Players choose when to cash out and their bet, if placed before the crash, will be multiplied by the applicable multiplier. The game can bust at any time, so gamblers need to use sharp intuition. Statistically, there’s a 1% chance of the game instantly busting. The last person to cash out before a bust gets a bonus. The strategic play directions revolve around trying to get this bonus. If no one collects the bonus, it rolls over to the next game. In the case of a single-player game, the gambler cannot overcome the house edge and the game is a simple game of luck. There is currently a bet limit of 1,000,000 Bits.

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