Waht is Crash game?


Cryptocurrency has dramatically changed how online casinos and gambling works. One of the most interesting products of the blockchain revolution is the new games that have been made possible by Cryptocurrency gambling, such as Cryptocurrency crash games.

Cryptocurrency crash games are a variant on “traditional” crash games. Unlike dice, roulette, or other Cryptocurrency casino games, Crash is extremely simple. Users are able to place bets on an increasing chance of winning big — but run the risk of losing out the longer they wait!

Cryptocurrency crash can be an extremely fun game, but how does Cryptocurrency crash work?


A Cryptocurrency crash game is similar to any other option available on a crash betting site. Crash Platform’s Cryptocurrency Crash game works by showing gamers a multiplier that increases from 1.00X until the game “crashes”, or “bursts”.

If gamers cash out at the right time, they stand a great chance of significantly multiplying their wager. The biggest advantage of crash games based on Cryptocurrency is that they are provably fair. Crash games don’t use any old random number to determine when the game crashes — that wouldn’t be fair.

Instead, Cryptocurrency crash uses blockchain technology to crash the game in a way that can be independently verified by players to ensure that it’s fair. For this reason, Cryptocurrency crash is provably fair.

Cryptocurrency crash also provides gamers with far better control over their winnings. Rather than rely on the slow-moving withdrawal processes of traditional online casinos, Cryptocurrency crash players can withdraw in Cryptocurrency, which typically becomes available in less than one hour.