Nanogames Review

Nanogames is a Crypto-based, social gambling site with three different game modes: CRASH, HASHDICE and BLACKJACK. You may deposit and bet with Nano, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Banano. You can also use our Non value Coin Called CUB to try our games with any risk CUB is a house coin, or house token. This coin is offered as a courtesy to new players with the purpose of trying the games without financial risk. CUB has no real value. NanoGames accepts coins and tokens: CUB (token for a free game) / ETH / NANO / BTC / LTC / Banano / DOGE / XNOS. A separate wallet is created for each cryptocurrency, it can also be used to store Crypto.


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Cryptocurrencies BTCETHMore+
Free Coin Yes
Investment Yes
AutoBet Mode for Crash Yes
Custom Script for Crash Yes
Crash.Bet Statistic for Crash Yes

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