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Bet Calculation is a tool developed to calculate whether your current balance is sufficient for the next games while playing a game, based on your game strategy. You can use two methods to calculate bets for the games you lost in the next game. 1. Fix fold bet and 2. Fix profit bet The betting calculator allows you to develop a strategy for how much you have to play with your current balance or how to bet with your current balance for the longest time. This calculation method is a tool based on the martingale strategy. Click Headings or use the menu to go to the calculation page
  • Fix Fold Calc: Calculates the bets and balances of the next games for martingale strategy with fixed multiplier.
  • Fix Profit Calc: It calculates the bets and balances of the next games for the Martingale strategy with a fixed profit rate.

Click on the text "How to use bet calculation?" to learn how the calculation tool works.

How to use the calculation

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