Nanogames Prizes and Promotions is a new casino with great rewards when you play for free or when you are looking for a casino that accepts Nano.This casino offers chances to spin a wheel for free and win pretty awesome prizes in my opinion. This casino offers the crash game, Black Jack and dice. You can deposit and pay directly, withdrawing can also be done within seconds. If you have no cryptocurrency to spend the website will give you free cryptocurrency every few minutes.

ROLL point game

starts from 10:00 to 10:10 every day; rewards will be distributed afterwards.

  • Platform will take different currencies and amount as a reward
  • Bet players can get the opportunity to be rewarded based on top 10 ROLL points, except (CUB) players.
  • ROLL is a random number from 0 to 999.


Faucet (Required Level2)

Betting return is provided within a limited number of bets every day. (all currencies count)

  • Escaping less than 1.5 times will increase cooling time. The lesser your escape time, the longer the cooling time. Cooling time = (1.5 – escape times) * 60 min
  • Each faucet amount = bet amount * 0.25% * (level * 10%); Betting return times = 10 * (level * 10% + 1)


Where is the PACO (Required Level3)

  • Every 6 hours, PACO will appear randomly for the next 10 minutes and exist for one minute. Click on the PACO will get reward.
  • PACO bonus = different currencies and amount will be provided as a reward
  • Bonus clicked by users = the PACO bonus * 2%* (level*10%+1)


Master medal

Activate the medal to get the bonus! (The medal is difficult to obtain)

  • Activate 5 medals:25 Nano + 20000 CUB
  • Activate 10 medals:50 Nano + 500000 CUB
  • Activate 15 medals:0.1 BTC + 100 Nano +2000000 CUB
  • Activate 20 medals:0.25 BTC + 1000 Nano + 10000000 CUB


Rain (Required Level1)

  • Six players in chat room will be randomly selected and rewarded at every 6-hour interval (level higher 1)
  • Bonus = platform will take different currencies and amount as a reward
  • Players will be selected randomly by Rain algorithm.The players who send the more messages, higher probability they will be rewarded.
  • But even if the user only sent one message, there is still a chance that he can receive the rain bonus.
  • Rain information will be sent to the chat room by robots.


List time (Required Level1)

  • Bonus=1% of total betting amount*0.75%(accumulated by day for each type of currencies and monthly recalculate)
  • Top 10 players will get reward (bets on total ranking monthly)
  • Please check monthly total ranking list for bonus amount (update once a day)
  • Reward issue day is the first day of the following month, which will be informed in the chat room by our official customer service.


CUB Exchange

You can use Lucky CUB to trade Cryptocurrencies. 5000 CUB is required for each rotation. After you spin the wheel, the currency earned is added to your balance.

To have more than one account per user is not allowed. you will have a lower possibility to catch rain, your Withdraws will be stopped by us fraud prevention system for a manual review which may take up to 24 hours, we do not guarantee Withdraw processing and may ban account with your balance on it. If you already have more than one account please make a self-ban.



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