Nanogames Payment Methods

Players can use Nano, Bitcoin or Ethereum to play at To deposit, visitors need to navigate to My Wallet, click on the deposit page and copy the address or scan the QR code.
The same system applies to withdrawals. Once on the withdrawal page players can choose a specific amount that they wish to withdraw, bearing in mind the fees applicable. The withdrawal limit is dependent on the currency used as each has a different value. Generally, the time period for transactions is 5 to 10 minutes.

How to purchase cryptocurrency?

Market exchange: If the buyer does not care much about privacy, then an online market exchange is the best option to buy cryptocurrency because market exchanges usually require the buyers to provide identification. Buyers could purchase cryptocurrency from a market exchange and store it there.

Over the counter: This means two people perform a cryptocurrency transaction face-to-face. Usually cryptocurrency transactions are carried out anonymously between the two parties. Although the face-to-face approach does not enjoy this benefit, it is still very popular. Sellers and buyers could contact each other through many websites.

Cryptocurrency ATM: These ATM are no different from normal ATM apart from that the buyer gets a receipt with a certain code instead of cash. By scanning the code, the bitcoin will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet.



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