Nanogames Level System

Just like in all video games, the more you play, the more experience you receive. And with experience, you’ll level up. Every time you level up, you will unlock new features of the platform.

How to gain experience

  • XP will be added to each bet (XP is related to monetary value).
  • Agent bet. Your agent will increase XP for each bet (according to the bet amount).


Why upgrade?

  • The higher the level, the more bonus activities are unlocked
  • The higher the level, the higher the bonus activity will be
  • There will be more features to open


How to upgrade?

Bet: Whether win or lose, you can get XP if you bet
Agent betting: You can get their 10% XP from the players you have invited

  • LEVEL 0: 100XP-0XP=100XP = 1000USD
  • LEVEL 1: 200XP-100XP=100XP = 2000USD
  • LEVEL 2: 400XP-200XP=200XP = 6000USD
  • LEVEL 3: 800XP-400XP=400XP = 16000USD
  • LEVEL 4: 1600XP-800XP=800XP = 40000USD
  • LEVEL 5: 3200XP-1600XP=1600XP = 96000USD
  • LEVEL 6: 6400XP-3200XP=3200XP = 224000USD
  • LEVEL 7:12800XP-6400XP=6400XP = 512000USD
  • LEVEL 8 :25600XP-12800XP=12800XP = 1152000USD
  • LEVEL 9 :51200XP-25600XP=25600XP = 2560000USD


How do I become a VIP?

The exclusive VIP club is by invitation only. After you embark on your journey of the game, you will be notified of your VIP status by email soon.



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