Nanogames Investment

How does the bankroll work?

The bankroll is the pool of money that NanoGames uses to pay the winners of the game. The max profit which players can win from a single round of the game is determined by the size of the bankroll. Each player can only win 8 % of the bankroll per round, All players can only win 10% of the funds per round. Players can invest in the bankroll (i.e. become bankrollers), and their investment is added to the bankroll. The bankroll has a shareholding system which allows everyone to participate and obtain the corresponding shares. The game has a 1% advantage for the dealer, so after each round of the game, Every time a player makes a bet, 25 % of the 1 % house edge is awarded to the house as commission. The rest of the house edge is awarded to bankrollers. (does not affect the player’s income settlement)

  • Deposit Positive number Withdraw Negative number Please make sure that amount entered is valid.
  • 2% of your deposit will be deducted as dilution non-refundable fee (shared by other dealers) which will be deducted from your balance.
  • If you want to change your leverage, please withdrawal all your previous investments from the bankroll and make a new investment with your selected leverage.


How does leverage investment work?

We’ll add the selected multiplier to your initial investment ( minus dilution fee ). If the Bankroll goes down and your initial investment goes to 0, you’re get liquidated and you lost your investment.

Let’s make an example:

Let’s say have 1 Bitcoin. You could deposit them to your Account and invest them all. You would now be entrusting your whole 1BTC to Nanogames, with the associated risks. Alternatively, you could deposit just 0.1 BTC of them, invest them, and then tell the site “I have 0.9 more BTC that I want to invest”. You keep those coins safe in your own wallet with your own private key, but they are counted as part of the Game bankroll. Your share of the bankroll and your share of the site’s profits and losses is the same as if you had invested your whole 1BTC. If the site should have a run of bad luck such that your 0.1 BTC goes to 0, You’ll get liquidated and your leverage will be set to 0. In that way, you can never get into debt with the site but you can deposit again and keep your share of the bankroll.

Hint: You can also use this feature as an Off-Site investment.

How does the dilution fee work?

Every time you invest in the bankroll, 2 % of your investment is paid out to the other investors according to their stake in the bankroll. Alternatively, every time somebody else invests in the bankroll, you are awarded a portion of their 2 % dilution fee. For example, if you bet 1 ETH on the house, 2 % (0.02 ETH) of your house bet is spread out among the other investors, and the remaining 0.98 ETH is added to your stake. To capitalize on the dilution fee system, you have to bet as much as you can on the house as early as possible. If you increase your stake, you’ll get more of the dilution fee. This is our way of rewarding long-time investors. It’s never too late to become one!



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