Nanogames Affilate

An affiliate program is available! You can earn on three levels from people you refer. This makes it a pretty profitable affiliate program to promote. Invite players to join in the game, Up to 80% commission on platform profit
For example: Each level invites 100 users per person. Each user’s total bet amount is 1ETH daily. Your earnings will be determined thus:

  • Level A: users amount=100
  • Revenue = 100*1%*25%*25% = 0.0625ETH

  • Level B: users amount=10 000
  • Revenue = 10000*1%*25%*10% = 2.5ETH

  • Level C: users amount=1 000 000
  • your revenue=1000000*1%*25%*5% = 125ETH

    Your total revenue = 0.0625+ 2.5+125 = 127.5625 ETH
    What if their total bet amount is 5 ETH or 10 ETH everyday? And this returns is at zero risk, nothing but very stable



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