Is Bustabit Fair?

Security & Fairness

The gameplay at Bustabit is provably fair. The rolls are calculated from the combination of a player’s server seed and client seed. Once created, the crash points cannot be tampered with by anyone. You can verify that each random bust point belongs to the Bustabit hash chain by inputting any game hash here. For more information on the validity of each game, check out the Bustabit v2 Seeding Event thread on BitcoinTalk. Regarding security, if you happen to find a bug in the Bustabit website, players are encouraged to contact site administrators immediately. Bustabit will offer you a payment proportional to the severity of the bug, paid in Bitcoin. You can report any bugs you find using Bustabit’s support form.

Internet Lag

Since Bustabit is a real-time, networked game (a game that your client talks to over the internet), there is a delay between the time that you click the cash out button and the time that the server receives your cash out event. The farther you are from the server and the worse your internet connection is, then the longer it takes for your events to reach the Bustabit game server. Under perfect circumstances, your message can travel to the server at the speed of light, but it still takes light 134 milliseconds to travel around the world. The best tool against network lag is to use the auto cash out feature. Since your auto cash out is sent to the server before the game starts, the server can cash you out regardless of lag. For example, if you are on a bad connection and you want to cash out at 2x, then we recommend setting your auto cash out to 2x instead of relying on your client to send the manual cash out button-press in time.