Is BC.Game Safe?

Security & Safety
First of all, the fact that you’re using a cryptocurrency to gamble means you already have some inherent security. Instead of providing dozens of personal details that someone might intercept, steal, and misuse, everything stays anonymous and private. Deposits and withdrawals work through wallet addresses – basically a long string of characters that is nearly impossible to hack. So, how does this casino use this fact?

During BC.Game signup, all you need to provide is an email address and your desired password. BC.Game utilises a 2-step verification security protocol. It is a site that uses hash algorithm that ensures all transactions can easily be traced while also being absolutely impossible for anyone to alter or manipulate in any way. The casino will automatically create a generic account that you don’t even have to verify if you don’t want to. Naturally, it might be a good idea to do it simply because you’ll get a bonus. Why say no to free cryptocurrency?