How to use statistics information

You can view the current game statistics of the four game platforms and create a statistics table to help you predict the game.

Statistics input area

  • Hash Key:The encrypted key generated to control the game result.
  • Payout: The rate you plan to stop to get paid before the game explodes.
  • Game amount: The number of games you want to view statistics. 1000 to 50000.


Where is hash

To verify the game results, you can find the encrypted code shown at the end of each game on the history page within the game.


Statistics streak area

  • Longest Streak: Longest losing series
  • Last Streaks: Latest series backward, losing series for targeted stopping rate. Shows up to 30 series


Statistics win rate area

  • Win amount: The Number of wins in the amount of games listed.
  • Loss amount: The number of losing in the amount of games listed
  • Teoric win rate: Theoretical winning percentage
  • Real win rate: Percentage of winnings within the amount of games listed


Statistics result area

  • Game Number: For the last game, the game numbers sorted from 1 onwards.
  • Crash rate : Ranking of crash rates in the game


Meaning of colors

  • Green real win rate backgroud: Expresses the winning rate above the theoretical winning rate.
  • Red real win rate background: Refers to the winning rate below the theoretical winning rate.
  • Green Crash rate backgroud: Means “odds above the targeted winning level”
  • Red Crash rate backgroun: Means “odds under the targeted winning level”