Crash Game Glossary

There may be some technical terms used in the crash game and chat. If you are a new player, you may have trouble understanding what these mean and even lose games and money because you don’t know the meaning of some words. We have prepared the Crash game glossary to guide and help you. On this page you will find information about Investment.

What is Investment

Investment has a system that works differently on each platform. Some platforms give a fixed percentage, while others work as profit and loss sharing.

For example bustabit. By investing in the bankroll, you acquire a stake in its profits and losses. The profits and losses that players generate for the house by betting are shared proportionally among all investors relative to their respective stakes in the bankroll. In other words, as an investor, you profit when players lose, and you lose when players profit.

No money will be added to or subtracted from your account’s balance. Instead, the value of your stake will simply increase or decrease over time as players bet. For example, if the bankroll is 200 BTC and you have invested 10 BTC, your stake is 5%. A player losing 1 BTC would increase the size of the bankroll to 201 BTC and the value of your stake–which is still 5%–to 10.05 BTC.