Crash Game Glossary

There may be some technical terms used in the crash game and chat. If you are a new player, you may have trouble understanding what these mean and even lose games and money because you don’t know the meaning of some words. We have prepared the Crash game glossary to guide and help you. On this page you will find information about Affilate.

What is Affilate

affiliate is a revenue sharing organization created to bring new players to crash platforms. Players become a reference for a new player to sign up with a special invitation code and get a share of the new player’s investments and games. Apart from that, in the long run, with the growth of the platform’s money pool, players have more bonuses and higher betting opportunities. These affilate revenues differ across platforms. while some platforms only give a share of the initial deposit. some platforms also give a share of game investments. and there is also a gradual increasing rate system on some platforms. The affiliate system supports players by generating non-game income. provides a long and sustainable game environment.