Ethercrash Withdrawal and Deposits


Send either Ether or Bitcoin to your deposit address on your account page! If you don’t have any Ethereum or Bitcoin, You can use our intergrated Alt coin deposits powered by Changelly. And remember, you can withdraw directly to the Ethereum address on your account page! Please double check that you are sending the right tokens to your deposit account. If you send the wrong tokens to the wrong deposit address, those tokens could be lost forever, and EtherCrash will not be able to provide any help in retrieving them.

While 12 confirmations/blocks is considered to be secure on the Ethereum blockchain we will rarely wait 12 confirmations. With that being said, we will never wait more than 12 confirmations to process a deposit and deposits generally show up within 3-5 minutes of your transaction hitting the blockchain. Please note that if you send from an exchange they often wait a while before actually sending your coins.


Players can transfer Ethos to any Ethereum address automatically. Withdrawals smaller than the balance of the hot wallet are processed instantly and players will be given the transaction ID immediately.Larger withdrawals will be shown in your withdrawal page as “Pending” and will require the site to manually remove sufficient funds from their cold storage. This process will typically take less than two hours, but may take up to 24 hours, depending on the time of day and other circumstances.EtherCrash allows you to choose the gas price on your withdraw. This will generally cost between .03 USD and .13 USD (slow, fast) but these prices vary depending on Ethereum network activity.Slow transactions can take hours to confirm, so if you select this option please be prepared to wait. Withdrawals must be in increments of 1 ethos, with a minimum withdrawal of 400 ethos.

If the withdrawal is processed by our hot wallet it will be broadcast in less than a minute. However, the amount of time it takes to show up will depend on a number of different factors. First, let’s make sure you’ve followed the correct withdraw steps:

  • Navigate to the withdraw page
  • Press, ‘Request Withdraw’, make sure you enter a valid withdraw address and that you understand how it works to withdraw to an exchange, web wallet, wardware wallet, shapeshift, changellly, or .
  • Within a minute you should see a link to the withdraw transaction show up in the withdraw history. If it says Pending, contact us. On the tx page Please take note of the number of confirmations on the transaction (refresh the page every couple minutes). It shouldn’t take long to see the number grow as it’s processed and validated by the Ethereum network.