Ethercrash Prizes and Promotions

Ethercrash has a bonus system set up that pays the players who are closest to the crash point an extra amount, on top of their winnings. The bonus system will also protect you from some of your losses if the game crashes very low. The bonus system is set up to work with the percentage of chance for the different ranges that the game might crash at. The house has an edge of 1%, meaning that they have a 1% chance more than the player. The setup is basically like this: (This is just a very basic understanding of how the house edge and bonus system works. See the site for a full and more accurate explanation.)

There is a 50% chance that the game will crash at 1.96 or lower and there is a 49% chance it will crash at 2.00 or higher. The game crashing at 1.97, 1.98 or 1.99 is a 1% chance and when this happens, this is what funds the bonus pool, allowing the site to payout the bonuses to those players who have come closest to the bust point, without going over. When the game crashes very low and there are very few or no winners, you will see that you may have only lost 24.55 Ethos instead of your full 25 Ethos bet.

The bonus is split among several players and can range anywhere from .10% to 6%, from what I have personally seen. If you are betting 25 Ethos, it is not much, but betting 2,500 Ethos and getting a 3% bonus is noticeable for sure. The bonus system can help to make the difference for those who like to bet in the just over 2.00 range, when it comes to making a profit.

House Edge

After taking into consideration the 0.5% Social Bonus awarded at the conclusion of each round, has a house edge under 1.0%. The expected return of each wager is displayed below the “Bet” button under “Win Chance”.