Ethercrash Game Features

How To Play

To play at, all you’ll need is a positive account balance. To start, select the amount of “Ethos” you’d like to bet, as well as an automatic cash out multiplier, then click the big, purple “Bet” button.Watch the multiplier increase from 1.00x upwards. If you’re feeling doubtful, you can always cash out your bet before your set up cash out limit by pressing the ‘Cash Out’ button.Winning bets get multiplied by their respective multiplier, but be warned, the multiplier could crash at any random moment, so if you do not cash out before the bust, you’ll lose your entire bet.There is no limit to how high the multiplier can go. However, if during a game the house is facing a net loss of 1.125% of the bankroll or greater, the server will automatically scale down all players’ winnings proportionately. The current maximum profit per round is displayed at the top of the game.Do you take the conservative route and cash out at 1.1x your original bet, or do you chase the 100,000x multiplier? Players looking for a quick 2.00x multiplier double up will be excited to learn that it only takes 10 seconds to double your investment.

Auto Betting

Players at are also given the option to bet automatically each round with a fixed bet and cashout amount, or the option to increase or decrease bet and cashout sizing based on previous outcomes.Like Bustabit, users can also create their own scripts. This feature, however, should be used with extreme caution. No bets can or will be refunded in case of errors.