CrashBTC Deposit and Withdrawals

The CrashBTC casino accepts deposits in Bitcoin and the money will be immediately available to use for instant Bitcoin action. To get going players will need to transfer Bitcoin to the deposit address on their account page. There is a max withdrawal of 10 BTC allowing all those BIG wins that are so common on this lucrative gambling platform.Get the crash game going to see how quickly this casino allows you to grow your fortune. With no deposit minimum and rather large withdrawal maximum, players of all budgets will be able to win big.


Get in on the action in no time. Designed to perfection CrashBTC provides every aspect a Bitcoin gambler needs to fully utilize the platform in front of them. Get started by depositing cryptocurrency simply by using your preferred e-wallet. Use the Bitcoin deposit address or a QR code with no minimum deposit. We credit a pending deposit transaction to your account after one confirmation (i.e. appears in one block).The speed at which transactions get confirmed depends on your transaction fee and the amount of other unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network.If you just deposited, the transaction will take a moment to appear in the network. You can create a deposit on your account page. Bitcoin is instantly credited to the player’s accounts upon a single confirmation. This process takes about 10 minutes from the time of the transaction.


The minimum amount for a withdrawal is 120 bits. You will receive 20 bits less than what you withdraw, as we use that 20 bits to go towards mining fee. As required, we will as well chip in with our money to help expedite confirmation time. There is a 20Bits fee to cover mining fees. Players can withdraw their Bitcoin by accessing their account page where they will be able to transfer Bits to a Bitcoin address of choice. Small withdrawals are processed instantly while larger withdrawals will be shown in the withdrawal page as pending. The process will then take less than two hours but may take up to 24 hours, depending on the time of day and other circumstances.

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