Bustabit Prizes and Promotions

When Bustabit was sold in February 0f 2018, both instant busts at 0.00x and the free player finish bonus were removed. In the site’s BitcoinTalk thread, site owner “devans” had this to say about bonuses on Bustabit: “Although the bonus was one of bustabit’s most interesting features and I am sad to see it go, our experience has shown that most players didn’t consider the bonus an important part of the game. Consequently only a handful of players benefited from the bonus at the expense of all other players that ignored it.” “Despite the house edge being increased in v2, the majority of players are likely better off in terms of expected value thanks to the removal of the bonus system.” To date, Bustabit does not offer any kind of deposit bonus, free bets, or no deposit bonus to try out at the casino.