Bitsler Prizes and Promotions

One of the reasons for this casino’s widespread admiration is the fact that Bitsler offers some great rewards and contests. The following is a brief overview of what you can expect from Bitsler promo packages:

  • Wager contests: These events are hosted on a daily and weekly basis, and players are rewarded on the basis of how much they’ve invested into the games.
  • Bitsler Coins (BTSLR): Players can collect Bitsler Coins using the faucet system and use them every day on games, then qualify to win prizes in the daily and weekly challenges.
  • Dice jackpot: If, for example, the last two digits of your bet ID are 77 and you hit the roll 77.77, you’ll win the dice jackpot.
  • Billion Bets event: Players can win up 1 BTC in prizes at this event.
  • Multicolor jackpot: If, for example, the last two digits of your ID bet are 77, and you hit the roll 77.77, you will win the multicolor jackpot.


Other tempting offers include Drizzle Bot, Chat Games and Rains, Hourly Lottery, and Dice & Multicolor Progressive Jackpots.

Additionally, players can join the Bitsler Casino VIP Club, which challenges them to achieve higher tiers by wagering more frequently. Loyal players can earn cashback rewards of up to 5% or receive fun chests with rewards worth up to $35,000.

The set of Bitsler promotions on offer is immense. If you access the Promotions tab in the left-side drop-down menu, you’ll see everything that you can get in on, or you can see the top promotions appear in the banners on the homepage.

Know that wagering contests can appear at any moment on the platform. These contests should be available in all currencies, and the platform pays out the prizes within 24 hours from the end of the promotion. The timeframe of each competition may vary between 30 minutes up to one week. Bitsler markets that it gives away over $50,000 in prizes each week. Players who bet the most win the largest share of the prize pool.

You can also take part in daily challenges to win some crypto prizes. You claim free Bitsler Coins (BTSLR) by filling a captcha and use them to play games. Note that you cannot exchange, tip, or withdraw these Coins. They do not count toward your referral commissions and XPs. How much Coins you can claim depends on your VIP level. Every twelve hours, the twenty-five players with the largest BTSLR balances win a prize out of the $111 pool, paid out in BTC. Players from all levels can claim Coins fifty times a day.

There’s a ‘Billion Bets Event’ promotion, where the player who makes the billionth bet wins the top prize out of the $5,000 pool, and the following 49 players who get the same roll attain smaller prizes. A player’s bet amount and their VIP level play a role in how much of the prize pool they win. They need to be at least at the Silver level to participate, and their bet amount cannot be lower than $0.50. A player can only win once in each event.

Higher-level VIP players can take part in an hourly lottery where they win up to 0.04 BTC. All they have to do is make a qualifying bet and submit it to the lottery. If their bet result matches the lottery win, left to right, they win a prize. There is no cap on the number of winners per round.

The site also features a social raffle, an ongoing jackpot on a few games, and there’s a referral program where you can earn a commission edge of 5% for every person you get to join the platform. You win the jackpot prize by rolling 77.77 and having the last two digits of your ID bet be 77 as well.


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