BetFury Level System

Is there a BetFury VIP program? Yes, there’s a ranking system, where you move up a ladder according to your betting activity. There are eleven tiers, and each one comes with its bonus and specific cashback percentage, as well as other perks. The ranks and the necessary total bets to achieve them are as follows: Novice – 0 BTC, Gambler – 0.1 BTC, Miner – 1 BTC, High-roller – 4 BTC, Game Master – 20 BTC, Bet Hacker – 100 BTC, Elite – 300 BTC, Legend – 1,000 BTC, Satoshi – 2,000 BTC, VIP – 4,000 BTC, and SuperVIP – 10,000 BTC. If you attain the last two ranks, you’ll get VIP support.

The rank bonuses range from 0.1 mBTC to 1,000 mBTC. The cashback percentages begin at 4% (Gambler), and they grow by 2% per tier until you reach VIP and get a 20% cashback. For SuperVIP, the percentage jumps to 25%. Once you move past being a Novice, you can personalize your account and complete daily tasks. You get access to exclusive promotions once you bet over 300 BTC on the site.


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