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BetFury Boxes

This is a new feature that has been introduced with BetFury 2.0 update. There are two types of Betfury boxes:
Free box: Claim 5 Satoshi every 20 minutes
Investment Box: Purchase box with fixed monthly rate and price. Usually offering 5-10% interest rate per month.

betfury investment box

All boxes have the choice to choose a 7 day investment or 30 day investment, with the later providing a higher return percentage. You can choose a 7 day investment and Usually offering get a 5% return or you can choose a 30 day investment and Usually offering get a 10% return. In order to get boxes that provide higher returns in BTC and Ethereum, you need to increase your rank.

These boxes are great for risk-free investment if you’re looking to park your bitcoin holding. Be aware of limited amount of boxes per account. On the other side – Free box – is great for people growing their crypto bankroll or for those who wants to try BetFury casino without depositing their own funds.


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