BetFury Game Features

BetFury is a highly-functional and interactive casino with easily accessible games and promotions. Your playing experience is likely to feel social and engaged due to a player’s chat on the right-hand side of your screen. Creating an account is a quick and fast process, and so are other account-related actions, such as withdrawing and depositing. This a gambling Dapp that doesn’t look rough around the edges. Instead, it has a fun and original design (revolving around BetFury casino’s pet raccoon), which is consistently applied throughout the website. In contrast, BetFury’s texts, unfortunately, have several grammatical mistakes and typos. For the most part, however, these errors are minor, and the texts are understandable. As such, the level to which BetFury’s grammatical faux-pas can affect your experience depends on how much you care about language correction.

Mobile Experience at BetFury

BetFury is, evidently, a mobile-first casino designed to offer an optimal gambling experience on handheld devices. There is a lot to do – and click on – at BetFury casino, which could have created a confusing and overwhelming experience for those playing from a smaller screen. However, the casino’s design team simplified navigation on mobile devices to prevent clutter. From our experience, the website performed well on slower mobile internet connections.

BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool

The best thing about the BetFury is their profit-sharing system. Every player on the platform mine BFG tokens with every wager made. These tokens are staked by players to receive dividends – a fair share of casino revenue. The more you wager in total, the more BFG tokens you will mine and therefore bigger dividends payoff. The dividends pool constists of total bets made by players in all the currencies. Every 24 hour the dividends shares are paid out – 3% of the pool are distributed every days to the BetFury players. Your share depends on your amound of staked BFG tokens (they are put into the staking automatically after you make any wager).

Under the Staking tab in the menu you can track amount of BFG tokens you’ve mined and the estimated profit for you.There are existing two types of BFG tokens at the moment – BFG(TRX) and BFG(BTC). The Tron BFG token was implemented from the start of the BetFury project, and BTC type of BFG token was added to the platform as you could place bets in Bitcoin. At this moment it’s more profitable for you to wager with bitcoins rather than with tronchain currencies as dividends are bigger in bitcoin pool. Also note that the amount of BFGs mined will differ depending on the chosen game. On slots you will mine more BFG tokens with given wager amount but you will lose money quicker on average than with in-house games. At the end it might be very close with either way, but on certain games (ie Dice, Coinflip) you can turnover your funds with higher speed (for this purpose use Fast feature in Dice).There is no mining feature in table games and live casino.

BFG has become a Tradable Asset

Previously, the only solution for getting BFG was mining by placing bets in any currency available on BetFury. The more bets you place – the bigger amount of BFG you mine. Now, mining is not the only option to obtain BFG tokens. With the appearance on exchanges, everyone will be able to buy, sell and exchange it. The epochal partnership between BetFury and Biswap has become a significant step towards the official BFG listing. All the players got the opportunity to take the ultimate benefits of using the fast-growing decentralized exchange platform that became the first to apply a three-type referral system and the lowest transaction fees (0.1%).

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How to exchange BFG tokens on Biswap

Being listed on Biswap, exchanging BFG is getting easier than ever. You need to follow a few simple steps to become a lucky BFG owner or exchange your BFG tokens into other cryptos.

  • Login to your Biswap account by connecting the available wallet – MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, or Trust Wallet.
  • Click on Exchange on the taskbar and select Swap.
  • Press the “Unlock Wallet” button to start swapping.
  • Choose a trading pair for committing BFG exchange and the amount you want to trade.


❗️Note: Due to the high load of BFG withdrawals and risk management, BFG withdrawals can take up to 24 hours and, in particular cases, prolong approximately to 3 days. We are doing our best to process all the transactions as fast as we can.


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