BetFury Cashback Program

Cashback Program

Not many crypto gaming sites invest in a cashback system but BetFury did. You’ll be awarded twice a week with anywhere between 2% to 25% of your bet coins. The final returns you will receive is determined by the rank that you have as a player on BetFury. Details about your ranking are coming in the next section.

BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool

The best thing about the BetFury is their profit-sharing system. Every player on the platform mine BFG tokens with every wager made. These tokens are staked by players to receive dividends – a fair share of casino revenue. The more you wager in total, the more BFG tokens you will mine and therefore bigger dividends payoff. The dividends pool constists of total bets made by players in all the currencies. Every 24 hour the dividends shares are paid out – 3% of the pool are distributed every days to the BetFury players. Your share depends on your amound of staked BFG tokens (they are put into the staking automatically after you make any wager).


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