BC.Game Prizes and Promotions

There is no classic BC.Game welcome bonus that you might see in other casinos. Instead, here you have a series of “newbie” tasks that you need to perform to receive rewards. For example, you will get cryptocurrency if you verify your email, make a bet, or just say hello in the public chat. Make sure you do all the basic tasks to get the most out of your gambling experience.These are simple and beneficial things like trying out the automated dice script, or enabling two-factor authentication.Did we mention that there are a lot of bonuses? Aside from everything mentioned, there are also higher-tier tasks reserved for VIP members. These include “money rain” in the public chat, ranking lists, as well as the BC.Game faucet. How do you become a VIP member? There are two ways. You can either transfer your VIP membership from another casino, or just be active and wait for an invitation.

BC.Game Promotional Packages

On BC.Game, players are open to a special bonus program that is split into four main categories, namely; Maximum Bonus, Daily Bonus, Lucky Prize, and Ability Bonus.

Maximum Bonus

Task Bonus: You will freely receive cryptocurrencies if you are able to accomplish certain tasks.
Master Medal: Here you need to pick up medals in order to earn mouthwatering rewards. The more you play crypto games, the more medals you can pick up. With 20 medals in your possession, you will be rewarded with 1 BTC, 2 ETH, and 100,000 DOGE.
ShitCodes: Shitcode are bonus codes that will add a gift to your balance at BC.Game. Shitcode can be found in many places on the web. Here are a few places you might discover one:

  • Special announcements
  • Posts in the BC.Game forum
  • In the player’s chat room onsite
  • Published with campaigns
  • Social Media Pages and Threads
  • Custom links created by and for our affiliate members
  • Written on bathroom walls at truck stops


Daily Bonus

Roll Competition: Here you get to spin a wheel of fortune for a star prize. The Roll Competition is a daily event that every player is entitled to play only once a day at any time from 10:00 hours to 22:10 hours.
Faucet: Faucet is a type of cashback where a percentage of your bets will be given back to you. However, this bonus only applies to a limited amount of bets and time.
Where is COCO?: COCO randomly appears on the BC.Game site (usually at a 6 hour interval) and if you are lucky enough to click on COCO when it appears, you will earn a juicy reward.

Lucky Prize

Chat Rain: This is a bonus in which a bot known as a chat rain will randomly reward a total of six players with cryptocurrencies. This bot usually shows up every six hours, so make sure that you are actively playing crypto games on the BC.Game site to stand a chance of earning this lucky prize.

Ability Bonus

King of Ranking: This is truly a bonus based on your spending ability. You will be rewarded with a monthly bonus prize which is based on your cumulative monthly wager.