BC.Game Affilate

A referral program or an affiliate program as we call it is nothing but a reward system for users to bring in new users through them! It simply means you will get reward if a user joins via you and plays on the site!It is a win-win situation as the casino gets new users and you get rewards for bringing in the new user! It is a passive income opportunity of a lifetime for you as you will keep earning as and when the user keeps playing!

In this post let us learn about the new ‘My Casino’ referral system here at BC Game:

BC Game offers a ‘My Casino’ USD rewards over and above the normal commission rewards for referring users.
My Casino USD rewards is a total amount of $100 divided as a reward for every level up between level 3 to level 22 for every referral that joins via you. That means over the period of time when your referral achieves new levels upto level 22 you will earn extra USD over and above your normal commission rewards!

1 referral = $100 The referrals needs to upgrade their VIP levels to unlock the rewards for their My Casino affiliate For eg: if you have 50 referrals and as per the ‘My Casino USD Rewards’ each referral will give you $100, then the total locked fund will be 50*$100=$5000 But this amount will gradually and step by step unlock only when any of those 50 referrals level up.